Shiva presents: [Preserve the Essence]

Shiva’s love of music was sealed at an extremely early age when at 6yrs old, she started piano lessons, quickly becoming a classically trained pianist, with concerts under her belt by age of 10. She had no choice: coming from a family of musicians, she expanded her musical spectrum very wide and after 10yrs of studying in a conservatory, including dabbling with acoustic guitar, she moved on to become a jazz singer, singing in several lounges around Europe. At 23, Shiva was discovered for her external beauty and became a model, soon hitting the international scene in a very strong way. Her collaboration with world designers such as Valentino, Versace, Armani, Dior, Gucci, JP Gaultier, Elie Saab, Zuhair Mrad among others put her on the forefront of the modeling industry in Europe and especially in the Middle East.

Having left her birth home of Romania, Shiva adopted her new city and country: Beirut, Lebanon. Being immersed in the small local underground scene, Shiva (real name Loredana aka Lory) sought out to become an important part of it. In 2005 she exposed her djing skills in most of the underground clubs in Lebanon. Spinning mainly progressive (dark) genre, she has performed live in major concerts/events with several top names dj/producers such as Fred Numf, Marco V, Andy Moor, Chris Lake, Max Graham, Kintar, A. Pappa among others; In 2007 she had joined Tiesto for the closing with her dark progressive (house) live set, in what had been described as a “historic” edm event in the M.E., scoring an audience of 23.000.

Since 2006 Shiva has been hosting music shows on major platforms such as:
– “Mistress of Sound” on RadioOne (FM Radio) – Lebanon (2006-2007)
– “RitualSounds” on friskyRadio (2008-2010)
– “Preserve The Essence” on MCast/Mercuryserver (2007-Present) in which she hosted and collaborated with reference artists in the dark progressive genre, such as Alex Rize, Peter Fateyev, Kliment, Sarp Yilmaz, Kintar, RPO, Christian Paduraru, Oliver Morgenroth, Lemon8 and Moshic among others.
– “X-Chrome” on friskyRadio (2011-Present)

In 2009 Shiva had temporarily halted her live concerts and completed her family circle by becoming a mother of beautiful & healthy baby twins while voicing her beats on various internet radio stations. In 2011 she returned to the live music scene performing concerts here and there…


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  1. Soooo Waiting ! LET the DARK Judge ..
    Congratulations SUDAM
    Peace Out …

  2. OMG!..WOWW…Very proud of ya ShivzzZ:D
    Congrats..keep damaging brainz(K)

  3. ‘LOREDANA’ is the name, now show them the game;)!!Too much support for u sweety…lebanon loves you!!kisses,misses&wishes at all times!!cheerzeye=)peace n love…..(K)


  5. congradulations i am really happy !!!!!!!!!all my luck!!

  6. very proud of u all my LUCK HOPE TO MAKE U PLAY IN MAURITIUS 2008

  7. ur biggest fan STEEF November 26, 2007 @ 5:56 PM

    Nice going u ~DARK SIDE OF DA MOON~ congradulations and hope keep the quality like always

  8. dopedmonkeyrecords November 28, 2007 @ 10:01 AM

    CANT WAIT!!!!!
    how will i survive till the 1’st! it seems like years away!!


  10. So Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


  11. always the best! keep up the AMAZING work Shiva 😀

  12. keep up the amazing work SHIVA … Too much Support From Lenanonn To the greatest Dj ..Lordyy Kisses , Hugs Xoxoxo

  13. Shiva,
    I love your latest set… UNLEASHED!!!!!
    Yes… I can SEE THE SOUND!!!!!!

  14. Hi honey,
    All of your sets are really wonderfull, you know…;)
    Thanks for your share all the time with us…

  15. love your sound, keep going with a beatiful sound,, we are listening

  16. her sounds aren’t beautiful, her sound are absolutely brain damaging!! i can’t imagine a beautiful model behind these evil tunes.. astonishing!

  17. Deep Dark & Progressive…Always with shiva;)

  18. be3bad your music 😀
    always the best 😉

  19. preserving the essence in us since Kintar at basement …
    We’re falling into ur game ..
    Ur beauty undefined …
    still waiting for a gig with tosca and i love ur *wink …

  20. shiva ur the darkest dj i ever met and want to thank you for what did u play on psy session 7 at nova it was something can’t b explaned so all i can say is viva la shiva peace love dark progressive

  21. Where are you come in greece???????????????????????

  22. 😉 …….. niceee

  23. Love ya <3

  24. hello sugar how are you!!!!!every set is wonderfull!!!

  25. Factor of success or failure is T = Talent, A = Attitude, S = Skills, K = Knowledge. Follow these business groups such as community TDA (tangandiatas). Congratulations successful … thanks you.

  26. Factor of success is T = Talent, A = Attitude, S = Skills, K = Knowledge. Congratulations successful…keep spirit..thank you..,

  27. The Queen is dropping the dark sounds back from out of nowhere once again, and when the least expected… Boom! :) <3

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