Steve James (R.I.P)

Steve James

Steve James presents: MercuryRising

Steve “Jibgolly” James has passed away in November 2008. Rest in piece our friend and respect for the footprints you left on this planet! It was an honor to have you on the program.

Team MCast

Originally from Central Florida, 28 year old Steve James is an up and coming DJ who has gradually been gaining recognition in the global arena through his mixes and promos. His typical GEMINI characteristics are almost visible through his sounds: strong, upfront, and NOT to be missed. Having warmed his hands to the touch of a pair of SL1200’s for the last 9 years, his persistence and evolution of his characteristic sound finally won him a spot on Eccentricbeats.

Steve has been severely influenced by Digweed. “John’s music has the ability to propel you into a forward thinking” he retorts. Steve’s roots to the underground EDM travel back to 1997. “I went to a party called Zen and it was the first time I witnessed the legends Sasha & Digweed. From that night on FL breaks were no longer cutting it. I was a full blown house addict, seeking out UK releases of Northern Exposure and listening to them countless times. Driving all over FL from 1997-2001, I frequented nearly every party that catered to the scene: WMC, UltraFest, Simons, Firestone, Shadow Lounge, Crobar, The Rubb, etc. Anywhere Digweed played, I tried to be there. Dragged by my obsession, I also crossed state lines and drove to Atlanta a few times to see him (Digweed) spin on several occasions. I’ve always been mesmerized how he’s been able to transform his sound from one night to the next with ease.”

Yet, for the next three years, Steve hadn’t cashed in on his own set of “dex”. “I didn’t buy my own turntables until 2000″ he says. “I spent a summer delivering furniture for extra money to buy a set of 1200’s”. To fulfill his obsessions, he continued to frequent record shops like Neptune (Tampa, FL) and the Drop Shop (Orlando, FL). Building a name for himself in Orlando on a small pirate station Party93 (93.9fm) playing each Sat & Sun from 11pm-3am.

“It’s been quite a journey” he says. “Having played for a local radio station and finally being offered a chance to spin on Eccentricbeats to a global audience, it’s definitely been a wild ride of slipups and comebacks”. Having moved to Atlanta in 2001 right before Thanksgiving, he’s been playing out there for nearly three years at clubs such as Illusions, The Crescent Room, and various other house parties.

Steve also spends a lot of his free time online finding out about new producers and records and has become a “die-hard” representative of the MercuryServer community with his show being aptly named “MercuryRising”. When asked how he got tied to an online community such as MercuryServer Steve says: “Internet geekery and tireless networking. As soon as [ms] (MercuryServer) was launched, I was addicted.

The idea of creating a site just to spread the weekly Kiss 100 mixes from John Digweed and guests was original, in addition to being an incredible service to music junkies around the globe who haven’t had the opportunity to listen to John spin live or haven’t had enough of him. I wanted to help them in any and every way possible. Eventually someone from [ms] recommended my sound to Ariel Cybana. She then got in touch with me and requested a set. After receiving my mix and airing it, she was so impressed that she and Phil offered me my own radio spot.”

As they say…. the rest is history….

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  1. I like your shows! You are the greatest and best! Yay!

  2. That a pic from Crooked Bayou… wErd homie!!!

  3. Here we go again…can’t hardly wait

  4. But you keep on abusin i. Osip Nawal.

  5. The man who rocks my world

  6. they only wanna do you dir. Ondrej Manisha.

  7. Beanbag McShitsticks October 14, 2007 @ 3:23 AM

    I want to have your babies!!!!!!

  8. they only wanna do you dir. Mihangel Caiaphas.

  9. Steve, still rock’n it out with your stuff out. hope to see you in P-cola soon.

  10. I`m your biggest fan !!!

  11. Really enjoyed your music Steve!

  12. November 13, 2008 @ 3:08 AM


  13. My Condolences to his Family and Friends .. Respects !

  14. Mr. James you will be sorely missed. You were/are a pillar upon which this site & community were built. We will never forget you…god bless you!

  15. I know you are playing a nice extended set for that dancefloor in the sky Steve… Keep ’em dancing up there my brother.

  16. R.I.P brother

  17. miss you bro.!!!!!

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