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Hafid Atzel

Hafid Atzel presents: FSM

Hafid Atzel was first introduced to Electronic Dance music just over a decade ago at Pensacola’s legendary after hours nightclub – Bedlam. Bedlam was one of Florida’s long standing influential and early mainstays of underground electronic dance clubs. 

In the early and mid 90’s, Pensacola had garnered performances by many of America’s and Florida’s pioneering and premiere deejay’s at the time with the likes of Kimball Collins, Taylor, Jimmy van M, Pete Bones, Voyager (aka Scott Dixon), Chris Fortier, Sean Cusick, Sandra Collins, Dave Cannalte, Vicious Vic, Guy and Lysa Oldhams (We can put more DJ names here).

While frequenting Bedlam on a regular basis, he met local deejay’s Albert Martinez, Dez Dawkins and Jonathan Wells. All were great influences on his quest for learning more about this new form of music that is now an integral part of his life. A year later, Dez Dawkins introduced Hafid to the deejay’s most essential tools at the time – two turntables and a mixer. “Dawkins was the first person to give me the chance to get on a set of turntables and mixer, as soon as I put on a set of headphones and dropped a needle on a record – I was hooked.” Shortly after, Bedlam’s then current resident, Jonathan Wells gave him his first break to play in front of a live audience which later became a residency at Bedlam.

This beginning has led him to spinning at other events and nightclubs throughout the Southeast. Hafid continues to play his signature of melodic, energetic and progressive style that constantly builds where your always wanting more.

Some of Hafid Atzel’s past influences are Sasha, John Digweed, Nick Muir, Underworld, Jimmy Van M, Way Out West (Nick Warren & Jody Wisternoff), Medway, Pole Folder, Rabbit In The Moon, Oliver Lieb, Spooky (Charlie May & Duncan Forbes), and Quivver.

His recent faves and influences have been Chris Micali, Kasey Taylor, Dousk, Derek Howell, Desyn Masiello, Ivan Gough, Guy Gerber, Luke Chable, Mert Yucel, Demi, Micah, Monkz, Peter Martin aka Jade, Shiloh, Sultan, Tone Depth, Christopher Lobsinger and Steve James.

Hafid’s instinctive taste is based on deep progressive house with melodic elements. Hafid’s focus for 2007 is getting into the production side of the music, both remixing and original productions as well as continuing his constant quest for the perfect deejay set and mix.

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  1. HAFID’s got what it takes to tell a story. He’s no joke in the realm of music and mood!

  2. Hafid, OUTSTANDING. great selection of tracks as usual. thanks for having everbody over for the halloween party, i had a great time. i’ll try to clap just a little more next time.

  3. “Hafid could make two shoes in a dryer sound good.”

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  5. outstanding, i do not have words. brilliant!!!!

  6. no para, desde buenos airies. everything we have heared is too much 25puntos. a new classic………….

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