Giselle Moen

Giselle Moen presents: Beneath The Surface


Giselle Moen from a small town just outside of Oslo, Norway always had a passion for music.

She started pursuing her passion in 1999 when she first learned to mix with turntables.
Later the turntables got put aside and she hardly did any mixing for a few years.
But she could never put it behind her completely, and getting started again was almost always on her mind.
And one year ago she got herself cd decks and decided to give her passion another go.

She has her own unique sound with Progressive, Tribal & Dark Progressive which makes each set so special.

Strongly influenced by Dave Seaman, John Digweed, Sandra Collins, & Sasha to name a few.

In this one year since she got back into mixing again, Giselle’s sets has been featured on many Internet Radio shows all over the world.

2012 promises to be eventful and exciting for Giselle with her show “Beneath The Surface” on MCast, plus other guest spots and club bookings.



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