FM presents: A Journey Into Sound

As a DJ for over 8 years, FM (aka Matt Feato, Matty Feets) has encompassed an extreme variety of the types of music that he’s played. While most may play one general type and maybe branch into some slightly different sounds at times, he not only does a ton of different genres, he makes sure that they are done well and not just as a fad or gimmick.

To him whether it’s house, techno, trance, breaks, or d’n’b, it’s all written the same way and all falls together in the end. Which is what he’ll be bringing you: those different styles and sounds along the way. Enjoy what should be one of the more diverse shows here on MCast.

Matt’s radio experience consists of starting at his college/University alma mater (UMass) and running a weekly show off and on for some 7 years. From there, he joined the original MercurySessions radio station and ran another 2-hour weekly for the brief life of the station. Now he finally makes his way over to MCast.

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