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Music can be an amazingly dynamic tool, whisking listeners away on magical aural journeys, refreshing our souls and infecting our bodies with uncontrollable movement. Great disk jockey’s are known for utilizing the tool of music to electrify any dance floor, elevate any mind, and generally create diverse mixes that appeal to the discriminating tastes of today’s dance music-driven generation.

Philipp Moor (aka Aquanaun) may not be a household name, but he’s a dance scene veteran, having honed his musical skills as a DJ since the mid 1990’s. A child of the now-defunct rave scene – and perhaps still a club kid at heart – Philipp has crafted his own unique style behind the decks via an eclectic musical background. From popular genre artists like The Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, and Jane’s Addiction, to electronic dance music legends Union Jack, Rabbit In The Moon, and Sasha & John Digweed, Philipp’s tastes are as diverse as his life background.

Born in Texas, Philipp was adopted and raised by a loving couple in Panama City, Florida. He also spent significant time in Arkansas, Arizona, Tennessee, and central Florida. As a teen, he was even a “dead head,” following The Grateful Dead (summer 1994) on tour for a stretch. But all of this was only a prologue to Philipp discovering his true passion.

In the early 1990’s (when he was in his early 20’s), Philipp and friends from Panama City began to take frequent trips to Ganiesville, FL. The crazy little central Florida college town was home to Simons, an exclusive, forward-thinking dance club that hosted some of the first EDM events in the Southeast United States. On the dancefloor at Simons, the person who would come to be known as Aquanaun began to form. Like all of Simons’ early patrons, Philipp would become consumed by the music and dance all night in to the next day to sets laid down by the likes of DJ Three, Rabbit In The Moon, Kimball Collins, Chris Fortier, Sasha, Digweed, Taylor, Chang, Dub Tribe, Paul Van Dyke, Danny Tenaglia, Mark Farina, Garth, Green Velvet (just to name a few). He witnessed time and time again the captivating power of the music, how the DJ can bring the house together and create magic on the dance floor. Frequenting Simons club on a regular basis Philipp was exposed to the best…

So, it was vitually inevitable for Philipp and several of his longtime buddies to start to learn the craft of DJing. 1995, he was one of the first regulars to spin at The Liquid Lounge, a small underground club in Pensacola, FL. Along with his fellow vinyl jocks, Albert Martinez (the owner), Allen Walsingham and Mark Foster, Philipp helped The Liquid Lounge push the EDM movement into northwest Florida. It was at this point that a significant connection was formed.

Darrell Carter (nicknamed “DC”), another young man with a deep and diverse musical appreciation, was also scratching a long-developing itch to rock the decks. It was at venues like The Liquid Lounge, Bedlam (also in Pensacola), The Clubb (in Ft. Walton Beach, FL), and Rhino’s (in Panama City Beach, for ze’nith Productions)that Philipp and DC discovered that their emerging styles complimented each other with an incredible ease. Philip enjoyed the funky, spaced-out beats popularized by top Eurepean jocks, while DC looked to ignite crowds with the builds and acid drops more familiar with American DJs. But both men had the same goal: make the audience achieve aural bliss.

Known as D-Tox and Aquanaun, the young duo played venues around the Southeast, including New Orleans, Atlanta, Orlando, Gainsville, Birmingham, and all over the panhandle of Florida. Promoter/friend Erran Yearty of Pensacola’s Dream Productions dubbed them “The Dream Team,” as they were the crew’s first two resident DJs. Coming up in the mix-tape era, DC and Philipp probably spread their name more via their recordings than through performances. In 1998, their mixes “Motivation” and “Motivation 2” were applauded in the reputable URB magazine. By late 1999, D-Tox and Aquanaun (along with the ze’nith crew) had moved their act to Gainesville, where they attended college and became regulars at Simons, The Soulhouse and several other en vouge nightspots that featured house music.

It was in the EDM-rich environment of central Florida that Philip (along with DC and crew) began to thrive, with his range of styles expanding and his confidence on the decks reigning supreme. The ze’nith crew hosted a very poular Wednesday night weekly at The Soulhouse that helped Gainesville to keep a now fading EDM music scene going. Indeed, in 2000 Gainesville enacted a “2am bar-closing” ordinance, a move with the goal of curbing the late-night party/rave scene. Like many Florida cities at the time, the move was protested, but fell on deaf legislative ears. The 2am bar-closing oridinance effectively ended Gainesville’s “underground” vibe and club nights became much more chill-house oriented.

Philipp soon elected to spend a bit of time in Tennessee as a river guide. While there, he spread his musical vibe into nearby Lexington, Kentucky and Nashville Tennessee. He played at several mountain parties (often for nine ten or more hours) and played in many other natural settings while living in the mountains of Tennessee. In the coming years, he moved back to Pensacola, where he helped to re-introduce quality house to a now-stong drum & bass scene in northwest Florida. Holding two weekly club nights he continued pushing House Music to the Pensacola late night scene. By 2006, Philip had once again uprooted and returned closer to home, moving to Panama City, where he still resides.

Always a force with a pair of headphones on his head and always an innovator, Philipp now utilizes the new-school technology of Traktor, a digital file-playing program stored via laptop and manipulated using a midi mixing station. However the new medium, the sounds have continued to expand, flourish, and rock dance floors non-stop. His sound has become unique in a way that brings progressive deep and minimal house together to create the darkish kind of deep banging stuff he is known for. New to MCast Philip is sure to lift you up and sure to share with you many styles of house music. Philipp loves the music and his passion for music is sure to bring a nod to your head and a smile to your face. This is the underground vibe and music at its finest.

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  1. Aquanaun is one of the most talented DJ’s I have ever met. His passion for music is electrifying and you can see it in his fingers. If you have ever watched him spin you would think that he had magical and mystical super powers. I watched him start out at Bedlam and I was fortunate enough to see Phillip and some of the other great minds of the nineties in a tiny little club called the Liquid Lounge. We all had life changing experiences there and I attribute it to the music and the magic. “The Dream” became his reality and it just gets deeper as the years go by. He had a vision in the late nineties and his perception and interpretation of that vision is what we all know now as The Aquanaun Dream. Keep dreaming and thank you for your contribution to so many years of happiness and the love that you portray in the music. You are appreciated in more ways than you will ever know.

  2. I had the pleasure of apprenticing Philip for two years in Gainesville, Fl. He taught me everything I know! Much Thanks and Admiration for Aquanaun!!!

  3. Looking for a good site to uplaod my hard house mix to any ideas i would need some feed back on my mixing as i am new to the dj world thanks

  4. Miss you kid ! ONE

  5. Mrs. Lexi Harwood February 15, 2011 @ 8:20 PM

    How do you bring it?…Listen and Learn!…Thank you for an another amazing groove Phili. Looking forward to the next, and next, and next…xo

  6. Jessica Byrd/Reiser March 2, 2011 @ 8:41 PM

    The liquid lounge!!!!!! Man! I had a few alnighters there! Sun up !!!!!! Melissa whooooooooooo???

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