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signature session was born out of self expression and creativity with each person’s individual technique of reaching out to an audience through sound. as graffiti art is ‘self-expression’ depicts the backbone of signature session, each featured artist enlightens the listener on a musical journey that is unique and one of its kind as the artist telling their story with each signature mix session. signatures all have a deep connection to ones character and provide a blueprint to your own self-being. everyone does not have the same finger-print therefore we all have our own signature that cannot be duplicated or forged, take a listen and enjoy every individuals style and tailor made compilation crafted for ‘signature session’ stay tuned at the end of every month showcasing two hours of quality crafted mix compilations by dj artists across the globe.

antonio discovered his love for music as a youth in the streets of New Jersey and New York. The emergence of his love for music began with the sound of Kiss, Cheap trick, Rush, Boogie Down Productions and Wu-Tang Clan. As an adolescent Antonio decided to move to Phoenix Arizona in 1989 where resided there until 1999.Open-minded and eager for new challenges Antonio headed west to Los Angeles in March of 1999.
New to the scene, Antonio accepted an invitation from a new friend to “Magic Wednesday” where he met his girlfriend, soon enough together they went to various clubs in addition too massive raves. Many local and national DJ’s ranging from Thee-O, DJ Dan and Donald Glaude quickly became heroes to him as he admired their candid ability to transform music by mixing. Without hesitation, Antonio quickly embarked on his journey to spin music. Dedicated to learning the skill, Antonio studied favorite mix cd’s and researched top of the line equipment.
In no time Antonio purchased his MK3 Technics turntables, a Pioneer DJM500, and a JBL EON monitor in January 2001. Within one year through hard work and dedication his skills have drastically improved.
Antonio’s sound is very unique as he does not discriminate against any particular genre of electronic dance music, spinning anything from house| progressive|techno|breaks and so forth. Antonio Arebalo has performed at various clubs in the Los Angeles area. His music shows professionalism, variety and most of all passion.


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