Arnaud Lebuffe

AK presents: GRAVITY

Arnaud L., born 1973 in France, first got contact with music at the age of 10 thanks to a local radio station. In the early 80’s he was influenced by the new wave style that was promoted from bands like : Depeche Mode, U2, New Order, Front 242 and many others. When he was a teenager he was fascinated by the new styles of electronic music that were spreading all over the world so he started collecting vinyls of many genres. In 1987 he got in touch with electronic music stlyes Acid & New Beat and listened to artists like: 16 Bit, Dobble you, Public Relation and others.

In the same time he discovered a new passion: mixing. In the following years he listened and played several types of electronic music but mainly techno & trance. In the late 90’s Arnaud became a big fan of progressive house, thus his passion for this genre started growing. Arnaud is influenced by artists like: Kintar, Shiva, Krizstian, Moshic, Cj art and lacandon.

In 2008 he started his own show called “DEEP MOTION” on PURE.FM progressive channel which airs every 3-rd Saturday of the month 17:00 GMT. Nowadays he has a monthly show called “GRAVITY” on MCast (offspring from www.mercuryserver.com). His sets are deep & dark progressive and always bring a mysterious and dark atmosphere.

Enjoy the mixes!

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  1. Panos Kotsopoulos July 11, 2009 @ 11:24 AM

    Hi there! It’s amazing that we have the same music history! After so many years hearing and loving music finally I found the best mixing and feeling ever! Great work Ak! There are not many people who can understand the deep and dark side of music! 10 out of 10! Panos from Athens

  2. I miss Gravity 023 this month ???

  3. Hello Master. I’m Your Fans.

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