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MCast – Automated Variant Music

MCast - Automated Variant Music

From the burning embers of the late MercurySessions Radio (RIP) and resurrected through the return of MCast – a brand new and free on demand / podcasting, live streaming and set downloading platform of DJ mixes made possible from the sheer collective support of resident DJs

With a variation in sounds from minimal beats to driving chuginess and swallowing you into the dark depths of old school house, resident DJs are here to please ears from all sounds of life. Our shows involve either a single set from a resident DJ or a 1 hour mix and a featured guest show from a Mercuryserver community DJ or a surprise, well known, guest DJ.

We look forward to furthering the new avenues that EDM has morphed into and bringing to front the talents that best represents the sound of the times.

You can listen to each show online or download the high quality mp3 file if you right click on the Download link under the Player. You can also subscribe to the general MCast podcast where you can get ahold of any new mixes added to MCast or subscribe to a separate podcast for each single show. The general podcast link can be found on the front page on top and the links for each show from our resident DJs are available in their biography sections.

Please leave us your feedback by commenting and rating your most favourite mixes. If you would like to join MCast or have any questions please send an E-Mail to mcast.support@mercuryserver.com

You can also visit our forums on www.mercuryserver.com and register for free for more music related news and mixes.


MCast & Mercuryserver Owners: Tom Bayer / Kamal Datta

MCast Team: Matt Feato / Lory “Shiva” Gomitoni / James Rosemergy /Panagiotis Papadopoulos


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