Charly Petrone

Charly Petrone

Charly Petrone presents: Vortex

Charly’s musical background:

Charly was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and now live in London, England; In
the early eighties decided to move to Spain, where Toledo choose as their second
home, was in the year 88, which has its first contact with electronic music when,
together with a large group of friends were part of a cultural genesis of electronic
Iberic music, The group of friends traveled every weekend to the most emblematic
clubs from central Spain: Attica, Radikal, Specka, La Industria, Saratoga, New
World, Family, and a more than extensive etc.

His curiosity about technology and his devotion for electronic music led him to be
Digital Dj, researching and experimenting with different techniques, began to
integrate MIDI controllers and software to his setup, playing with loops and
samples, concentrating on the harmonic mixing, achieving a dynamic and sensual
style, and obtaining an organic sound, progressive and engaging, integrating
Deep, Progressive and Tech, making every dj set only an emotional experience,
between dream and positivity, music for flying, traveling and dancing.

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