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Michael McLean presents: Sapere Aude

Born in the northern part of Germany in 1983, Michael McLean’s passion for music began at an early age but his love for electronic dance music was set in motion in 1997 while spending endless hours at clubs such as E-Werk, Casino, WaterGate and Tresor. That same year he traveled to Ibiza for the first time, kicking off what would be an annual pilgrimage to the universal mecca for dance music aficionados.

After falling in love with EDM, Michael started collecting records in 1999 and quickly carved his own personal style, definitively shaped by artists such as Rabbit in the Moon, Boards of Canada, Abakus and early Paul van Dyk. While his taste encompasses many diverse genres, from down-tempo and ambient to house and techno, his style behind the decks is a unique fusion of progressive, deep house and electro. Always avant-garde, he continually strives to hone and innovate his programming and technique both at home and in the clubs.

Still in his early 20s, his vast and growing DJ repertoire discreetly spans the globe to include Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, England, Germany and Japan. He currently holds two residencies in Tokyo and Copenhagen. Stepping into the production arena in 2002, his special edits, remixes and productions pound dance floors worldwide yet remain as exclusive and underground as where his next gig will be.

Michael’s first official release is the mix compilation Progressive Interpretation 2. Released in October 2006 on Supra Recordings DE, the CD follows up the first critically acclaimed release in this series. Teaming up with longtime friend Dennis Feldmann, they mixed together a collection of their current favorite sounds.

En route to solidifying his career, he aspires to produce many more original tracks and remixes as well as continue traveling to man the decks in clubs around the world. Presently residing in Berlin, he is currently studying architecture at the city’s prestigious Technical University.

Website: http://www.michaelmclean.de

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Great mixes each time a new show comes up. Definately recommended.

  2. i think you are a great dj im from argentina and i would like to know if you are going to play here?

  3. Hiho Leandro, thx for your kind words…
    well spread the word to some promoters in argentina and it might happen in 2008. :)


    Ps: sry for writing back that late. barely check my own profile… 😉

  4. your biggest fan from turkey…

    incredible sound MICHAEL & LEVAN … :)

  5. Hey Michael, love your sets. Is there any way I could get ahold of the tracklisting for Sapere Aude 018? Thanks

  6. Sapere Aude 043 is one of the greatest sets I have ever heard. For me, your music is perfect and I always enjoy listening to it. Thank you Michael.

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