‘signature session 017 on mcast’ – october 2014 – 2nd hour|part 2 featured guest: “Lucas Degiorgi””


Lucas Degiorgi born in Argentina and raised in the city of Rosario, from an early age his interest in electronic music came from bands like Depeche Mode , Pink Floyd, Joy Division among others which there was a different sound completely new for its time in the form of “synthesizers”. At the age of 16 he started composition of his own music with local and abroad DJs and producers managed to support from: Martin Bonansea, Nir Mizrahi and Jonathan Okanto. Two years later Lucas began his career as a producer and dj with major support of leading figures and working on darker progressive and tech-house genre. His tracks are being played by major national and international figures and have caught the attention of labels such as: Bellarine Records, Liquid Grooves, Seaburn and on Argentina’s own underground dj management & label Onward recordings.

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