sonic:torsion 053 on MCast July 31 2011

Much to the chagrin of eardrums everywhere, (don’t) welcome back Philo aka Mike Hanlon.

Philo was so embarrassed by his last round on sonic:torsion (my ears are still hurting), that when I approached him to provide another “great” mix, he agreed to use a different name; his real name. So please welcome the real Mike Hanlon to the decks (the pressure is on). All kidding aside, Mike has kindly decided to not fuck up this opportunity at redemption by providing a solid hour of grooving nu-disco type house stuff.

01. Mario and Vidis – Changed (Soul Clap remix) [Future Classic]
02. Tad Wily and Jay Shepheard – Haselnuss [Murmur]
03. Dub Pistols feat. Terry Hall – Rapture (Prins Thomas remix) [Sunday Best]
04. Michael J. Collins – Schizotypal [Greta College Workshop]
05. Ellen Allien – Searching [Bpitch Control]
06. DJ Phono – Gone (David August mix) [Vendetta]
07. Pional – Where eagles dare [Permanent vacation]
08. Minilogue – Certain things Part 1 (Freska mix) [Traum]
09. Clio – Silver haze [Metroline Limited]
10. Barem – Is (D’Julz remix) [Minus]
11. M.A.N.D.E.A.R. – Buddies (Smash TV remix) [Get Physical]
12. Benoit and Sergio – Everybody [DFA]

So check it out, and if your ears didn’t bleed, that’s probably a bonus… leave a kind comment or something, or I will be drinking another cup of his tears.

See you rascals next month.

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