sonic:torsion 050 on MCast April 20 2011

Properly celebrating 50 podcasts, please welcome a very special guest, Gadi Mizrahi.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years (which I’m sure some have), Gadi needs no special introduction… but I’ll give him one anyway.

Simply put, Mr. Mizrahi knows his shit. Whether it’s from divine intervention or a DJing career spanning over a decade/co-running the highly successful Wolf+Lamb label/Marcy Hotel/myriad of productions released on various labels/never compromising artistic integrity… his modus operandi is clear: to provide quality music covering a wide spectrum of genres. That quality was infectious, as 2010 was a hot year for Gadi and his label mates (you know, Zev, NRP, Nico Jaar, Slow Hands etc.), but it seems that 2011 will be even better. With new signings Voices of Black/Double Hill/Tanner Ross, a vinyl only imprint Double Standard Records releasing its 7th record, and a well deserved world tour showcasing the W+L vs. Soul Clap DJ Kicks, the forward (thinking) momentum is there… and it’s hitting all the right spots.

And now for the mix…

Recorded from a recent gig at The Electric Tea Garden in Seattle, the next 90 minutes proves Gadi’s impeccable taste at selecting the right tracks for the right party moment… slow, sultry and funky, with no added preservatives. Enjoy.

01. Serious – Ron’s edits [W+L Black]
02. Hot Toddy – Freekend (Ron Basejam remix) [Om Records]
03. Nick Chacona – The fear (Bostro Pesopeo dub) [Moodmusic]
04. Soul Clap – Isley experiment [Unknown]
05. Creep – Days (Soul Clap remix) [Unknown]
06. James Teej – Lost it all [Composite Records]
07. Nina Kraviz – I’m week [Rekids]
08. Rick Howard – Do what you have to do (vocal) [Rush Hour]
09. Robert Owens – I’ll be your friend (Gadi Mizrahi and Soul Clap remix) [Unknown]
10. Tale of Us – Unknown [Unknown]
11. Julio Bashmore – Battle for middle you [PMR Records]
12. Fedde Le Grand – Back and forth (Fedde’s future funk remix [Flamingo]
13. Junior Boys – Hazel (Ewan Pearson’s house mix) [Domino]
14. Nicolas Jaar – CEO remix [Unknown]
15. Le Loup and Seuil – Nautil us edit [Wolf+Lamb]
16. Double Hill – Purple hills [Double Standard records]
17. Tanner Ross – Intitled [Unknown]
18. Junior Boys – Double shadow [Domino]
19. Siopis – Really love ya [Get Physical]
20. Depeche Mode – World in my eyes [Sire]
21. Jori Hulkkonen – I am dead (Hercules and Love Affair remix) [Sugarcane]

See you next month for some more shit. 😉

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  1. Congrats for the 50th podcast in your Sonic torsion show, Caley.

  2. thank you sir… 😉

  3. Great mix. Heavy bass line house and a very unique selection. I like it!

  4. Caley Martin May 1, 2011 @ 4:20 PM

    ^^ that’s Gadi for ya!

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