sonic:torsion 048 on MCast February 28 2011

Please welcome a good friend of mine for his debut to the show, Haziel.

For those of you that don’t already know him, there’s not much that I can say about Haziel that will do him justice. Whether it’s knowing the latest INTARWEB meme, messageboard madness or hottest underground track around, Haziel is on top of his shit. He’s so on top of his shit that he put together a mix for sonic:torsion featuring the most dirty, cutting edge hooker house around. I took my soiled panties off after listening to this mix and decided to send them to him, as proof of the depravity his music causes. If this writeup hasn’t scared you away yet, well, I think you should listen to the mix (but only if you have a spare set of undergarments laying around). So with that, I leave you to listen to a genuinely delectable selection of whore deep-throat house music for the next hour…

01. Maceo Plex – Gravy train (Nicolas Jaar remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
02. Motorcitysoul – Vivid (Roman Fluegel’s desperate dub) [Simple Records]
03. Nick Harris – Rituals [NRK]
04. Maya Jane Cole – Steal the sauce [Dogmatik Records]
05. Lauhaus – Varna vibes (Mr. G remix) [Sushitech Purple]
06. Tobias Coffa – Sweet (Marcus Vector remix) [Amam]
07. Peace Division – Gotta Have you [Low pressings]
08. Tampopo – Helicopters got cameras (Tobias remix) [Curle Recordings]
09. Steve Lawler – Sleepwalking (Kevin Griffiths remix) [Tsuba]
10. Ben Westbeech – Hang around (Wahoo remix) [Brownswood Recordings]
11. Caroline Banx – Destination unknown (Daso remix) [Kostbar Music]

See you next time.

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  1. I think I dirtied them again…

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