sonic:torsion 046 on MCast December 31 2010

Rounding off an exciting year of music, comes one final mix for 2010, featuring myself, Caley Martin.

This one is a slow burner until about halfway through, where things pick up into a funk laden groove… closing out with one of my favorite tracks of the year. Enjoy!

01. Alain Ho – Dreamed of you [Seasons Recordings]
02. Ernie – The explotion [Minuendo Recordings]
03. Duff Disco – Dalston [Composite Records]
04. Ladzinski – The deep end [BOE]
05. Rick Wade – Eagle 1 [Hudd Traxx]
06. Deymare – Talking about that (Ben BOE deep vox remix) [BOE]
07. Iron Curtis – Til you go (Baaz remix) [Morris Audio]
08. Ooft – The sound [Instruments of Rapture]
09. Tiger and Woods – Come down [Editainment]
10. Solid Groove – Throwing stones [Subskrpt]
11. Induceve – Issamippi [Dubsided]
12. Lawnchair Generals – Talk to me (Giom’s mix) [LCG Music]

Here’s to 2011… see you next year!

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  1. A wicked one, cheers!

  2. Much obliged. Thanks for continued listening!

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