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 Panaitescu Razvan aka DJ Topo first contact with electronic music was in 1990 when he started to listen to Prodigy, U 96, 2 Unlimited and Kraftwerk. His love for music became soon an obsession, an obsession wich turned him finally into a DJ. He bought the first vinyl in Italy in 1998. Topo started to play in an underground club (main and after hours) in Galati, Romania called Mon Caprice. He played in many clubs in Romania already before (main clubs & afterhours clubs).

DJ Topo loves music with rhythm, and adores songs that make you move. His development has been a dynamic one. Approaching the progressive style he covers the entire spectrum from calm songs to aggressive basslines depending on the location, vibe and the party itself.

Since 2004 he is the best DJ from Galati and became Resident DJ of Cave club which is an underground club where he is doing the warm-up for great DJ’s. Now he is resident at Pasha club in Galati – one of the best clubs in Romania – playing his unique style which makes the crowd always happy.

DJ Topo is also a producer and remixer. He signed contracts with 3 labels and he’s waiting to sign with many others. 

– Desert Storm / The Style – EP
– Rats / Small Car – EP (remixed by S.O.N.)
– SAR Laera – Distraktion (Topo RMX)

Now he is working on many new tracks that will be released in 2007.

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Readers Comments (16)

  1. topo is the greatest dj from dark, prog, tribal..etc.
    he is can tell this by listening his sets..wich all of them are great..and from the experience by listening him live..wich is a hell of a experience! 😛
    tx for the great nights spended @ pasha with topo’s music!:)

  2. I’m so proud to know him and to listen to his great sound, it can take you deeper, further into that melodic state of dream and euphoria..I recomend all progressive lovers to come know what a real club-party means in our town, or just listen to his exquisite productions, it’s a time worth spending!
    Forever shine in dark! 😀

  3. What is this sound that`s so deep and penetrate your body?!
    I`ve never heard anything like this before
    The speakers are kicking out the beat and dark sounds will surround you
    That`s how i would describe it
    I feel free…this music makes me feel free
    Enjoy these sounds from the Underground with Dj TOPO, the greatest DJ of Darkness

  4. Topo is one of my Favorites and i like all his sets and speacially his good quality :-) deep progressive music let u be in other world of music keep it up Topo and we will support

  5. His music is soo touching…the dark sounds n freaky vocals will leave u in a mystic atmosphere that u’ll enjoy more than any genre of dance muzik…another thing,try to get high while listening to his muzik and feeeel the difference.
    may the leader of the dark army move forth in his campaign to spread the dark prog n tibal in the four corners of the globe and we will be always supporting.

  6. how do is download the topo without listenign first?

  7. Click on the MP3 icon under the show he has posted

  8. topo numero uno

  9. Big Bostane !!!! Love u fratelar !! Respect and Rock all with your Stuff !!!!


  10. topo e de bucuresti nu de galati

  11. topo e de romania, nu cred ca mai exista vreo altcineva in tara mai bun decat el, in muzica asta

  12. Good business, congrulations…;)

  13. Good business, congrulations Topo…;)

  14. What can i say about DJ Topo…one of the gratest dj of Romania…it blow’s your mind with his dark music…
    Last year when i first hear his first track: Dpen vs marcelo castelly it was like WOW what is that, i’ve listen hist tracks 2 week continuum…the best dj… 😛
    I recommend TOPO to the dark lovers & progresive…Keep up the good work man…
    Luv ur music
    When u will put music in Bucharest?

  15. Viva bro’ 😉

  16. what’s the namen of the track where the girl says : “What is this sound that`s so deep and penetrate your body?!
    I`ve never heard anything like this before
    The speakers are kicking out the beat and dark sounds will surround you
    That`s how i would describe it”??

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